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The inception of ‘iBaller’ began in Glasgow in 2016. 14-year old Lucy Sinclair was with her friends as they played football at the park during a typically cold, wet Glaswegian day. There was no joy or laughter as they kicked around the ball; lifeless. As she looked around, she noticed that there was a lack of enjoyment and involvement from the kids, as they were either forced to sit out and wait their turn.

From that moment, Lucy decided that she would make it her responsibility to make football fun again. Her mission was to create a fun environment for people of all ages to enjoy football in an unique fashion.

Therefore, from this point onwards – ‘iBaller’ was created and our feet do all the talking. Take football beyond levels.

Three Areas of iBaller

iBaller Carnival

The New iBaller Football themed Carnival operates a fun based Skills Challenge that provides Kids,Teenagers Adults and Families with an opportunity to test their iBaller skills.

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iBaller Kids Parties

The iBaller Buddies are Team of Teenagers who’s sole propose is to give your child the best Birthday Bash and a unique Football experience they will never forget.

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iBaller Buddies

A unique opportunity to become one of an elite team of Buddies and Ambassadors who sole purpose is to have fun develop the iBaller concept and play all things Football.

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